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KKK, Other Pro-Trump Racist Groups Disavow the White Supremacist Label

By Jay Reeves | Dec 11
Ku Klux Klan members claimed Donald Trump's election as president proves whites are taking back America from blacks, immigrants, Jews and other groups they describe as criminals and freeloaders

Trump Team Challenges Intel on Russian Election Influence

By Julie Pace | Dec 11
Donald Trump's presidential transition team on Saturday challenged the veracity of U.S. intelligence assessments that Russia was trying to tip the November election to the Republican. A top Senate Democrat demanded a full congressional investigation.

Tired of Being a Smoker's Haven, Czech Republic Considers Ban in Bars

Dec 10
The Czech Republic may lose its place as one of the last havens for tobacco smokers in Europe.

Orlando Shops Designate Themselves 'Safe Places' For Gays

Dec 10
Officials in a Florida city are launching a program allowing businesses to designate themselves as safe places for gays and lesbians if they feel threatened.

Winter Movie Preview

By Mike Halterman | Dec 10
Winter is a season that is very conducive to cuddling up with someone special and watching a good movie. Once you've exhausted all of the holiday programming and everything on-demand, go to the movie theater.

South Beach Halts Zika Spread, But Risks Remain

By Jennifer Kay | Dec 10
Florida declared its crisis with local transmission of Zika over for the season Friday in a welcome announcement ahead of peak tourism months, but health authorities warned that travelers would continue bringing the disease into the state.

Hotspots Holiday Gift Guide 2016

By Scott Holland | Dec 10
The holiday season is upon us! I have 30 suggestions designed not to break your bank.

Gift Guide for Fitness and the Outdoors

By Cesar Reyes | Dec 10
If you love the outdoors, or someone on your list adores communing with nature and fresh air, then the following are some of the "not to miss" items to stuff under the preverbial tree.

Hillary Clinton Warns of the Dangers of Fake News

Dec 10
Following her defeat in the recent presidential election, Hillary Clinton issued a warning about the threat of fake news.

John Glenn, First American to Orbit the Earth and U.S. Senator, Dead at 95

Dec 10
John Glenn, legendary astronaut and senator, has died CBS News reports on Glenn's life and accomplishments.

1 thru 10 of 86881 Stories