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Vice President Biden Gives West Point Commencement Speech

May 21
Vice President Joe Biden told the U.S. Military Academy's class of 2016 on Saturday that greater diversity, including more women and openly gay soldiers, will strengthen the country's armed forces.

Sanders Campaign Down to Less Than $6 Million in Cash

By Julie Bykowicz and Chad Day | May 21
Bernie Sanders' campaign had less than $6 million at the start of May, a critical cash shortage as he makes an admittedly tough final play to wrest the Democratic presidential nomination from Hillary Clinton.

Trump's Campaign Investment Tops $43 Million

By Chad Day and Julie Bykowicz | May 21
Donald Trump poured more than $7.5 million of his own money into his presidential campaign in April, bringing his total personal investment to more than $43 million since he declared his candidacy, new campaign finance reports filed late Friday show.

Trump Gets Endorsement of National Rifle Association

May 20
Donald Trump on Friday slammed Hillary Clinton as "heartless" for backing restrictions on gun ownership that he said would leave Americans in high-crime areas unable to protect themselves. He also challenged Clinton to follow his lead and release a list

Log Cabin Republicans to House Leadership: 'Shame!'

May 20
Log Cabin Republicans have sent a letter to GOP Majority Leader Kevin McCarthy demanding an explanation for the unprecedented and likely unparliamentary act yesterday that allowed a pro-LGBT amendment to the National Defense Authorization Act to fail.

Trump's SCOTUS Nom Wanted to Jail People for 'Homosexual Sodomy'

May 20
On the Donald's list is Texas justice William H. Pryor Jr., who has a record of being one of the most anti-LGBT justices in the U.S.: In 2003, he argued that Texas should keep its sodomy law.

Trump Helps Chris Christie Pay Off His Campaign Debt

May 20
Donald Trump, the presumptive Republican nominee for president, delivered a thank-you gift Thursday to the man who arguably risked the most to endorse him: New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie.

AIDS Fundraiser Emcee Kevin Spacey Mocks Donald Trump

By Zara Eldridge and Louise Dixon | May 20
Kevin Spacey bashed Donald Trump during an AIDS fundraiser, saying he would enjoy visiting a place with "so many casinos to bankrupt."

Can A Third-Party Candidate Derail Donald Trump?

May 20
The Washington Post has reported that GOP leaders are in a desperate search of a third-party candidate to oust Donald Trump from the nomination.

Trump More Than Happy to Agree Sanders is Getting a Raw Deal

By Lisa Lerer and Jonathan Lemire | May 19
Bernie Sanders is winning sympathy from an unlikely ally: Donald Trump.

21 thru 30 of 3160 Stories