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Trump Routs Rivals in Northeast; Clinton Carries 3 States

By Julie Pace and Catherine Lucey | Apr 26
In a front-runner's rout, Republican Donald Trump roared to victory Tuesday in five contests across the Northeast, keeping the billionaire firmly on his narrow path to the GOP nomination. Hillary Clinton was dominant in a trio of Democratic races,

Hate Group Hot Head Blasts Trump for Being 'Pro-Transgender'

Apr 26
Hate group hot head Bryan Fischer of the American Family Association blasted Donald Trump last week for being "a pro-transgender, only partially pro-life candidate."

What's the Deal? Voters Cheer, Jeer, Shrug Off GOP Pact

By Will Weissert | Apr 26
While the political world waits to see if Texas Sen. Ted Cruz and Ohio Gov. John Kasich's alliance proves brilliant or desperate, some voters in the three states most affected applauded the move while others panned it.

Philly Cheesesteak is Test for Candidates, Not Just Lunch

By Catherine Lucey | Apr 26
Five-point plans, engaging speeches and star endorsements are all important in a presidential campaign, but how well do candidates REALLY know the cities and towns where they're wooing voters? The supreme test in Philadelphia: ordering a cheesesteak.

Trump, Clinton Aim for Sweeps of Northeastern Primaries

By Julie Pace and Catherine Lucey | Apr 26
Donald Trump is aiming for a sweep of all five Northeastern states holding primaries Tuesday, including Pennsylvania. For Democratic leader Hillary Clinton, wins in most of Tuesday's contests would leave little doubt that she'll be her party's nominee.

New Push to Ban Congress Members from Asking for Money

Apr 26
Many members of Congress say they feel pressured to spend hours every day cold-calling donors for campaign contributions.

Trans Teen Says He Was Booted From Cruz Rally in Md.

Apr 25
A transgender high school student said he was forced to leave a Ted Cruz campaign rally in Frederick, Maryland Thursday.

Trump Laces Into Cruz-Kasich Collaboration

By Steve Peoples and Ken Thomas | Apr 25
Donald Trump is lacing into an extraordinary collaboration between Ted Cruz and John Kasich aimed at unifying the anti-Trump vote in some remaining primaries.

Delegate Math: How Tuesday Could Close Door on Sanders Bid

By Hope Yen | Apr 25
Hillary Clinton can't win enough delegates on Tuesday to officially knock Bernie Sanders out of the presidential race, but she can erase any lingering honest doubts about whether she'll soon be the Democratic nominee.

Critics of Trump in GOP Senate Fact Check His Foreign Policy

By Richard Lardner | Apr 25
The Senate's leading Republican voices on national security are assembling an indictment of Trump's worldview by soliciting rebuttals from U.S. military leaders that challenge the accuracy and legality of his most provocative foreign policy positions

21 thru 30 of 3047 Stories