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Violence and Visibility

NATIONAL | By Steve Weinstein | Dec 28
2015 saw a surge in anti-trans murders. Top elected officials and transgender men and women themselves have been sounding the alarm.

Fraught Trans Process Exposed

NATIONAL | By Jason Hanasik | Dec 20
In 2014, the Williams Institute reported on the link between health disparities and trans suicide attempts. Things are slowly starting to change.

Misgendering in SF Trans Case Criticized

NATIONAL | By Seth Hemmelgarn | Dec 6
Advocates for the transgender community are criticizing a San Francisco attorney's misgendering of a trans woman who was allegedly assaulted in a recent hate crime.

Trans Vacationer Files Complaint Against Royal Caribbean

NATIONAL | By Heather Cassell | Dec 5
It was the most recent homophobic incident aboard Royal Caribbean. It follows on the heels of a gay man going overboard during one of the company's cruises allegedly after his husband and he were the recipients of anti-gay epithets.

Transgender Insurance Exclusions Lifted in Maryland

NATIONAL | By John Riley | Nov 28
The majority of Maryland's transgender residents will be able to have medically necessary health care treatments covered by insurance, following a groundbreaking announcement by FreeState Legal.

D.C. Trans Needs Assessment Report Reveals 'State of Emergency'

NATIONAL | By John Riley | Nov 21
"There is a state of emergency for trans people in D.C., says Elijah Edelman. "In particular for trans women of color."

The Perfect "Trans-storm"

NATIONAL | By Stan Kimer | Nov 7
Many positive recent happenings have now all aligned so that there is a tremendous focus on understanding and appreciating this misunderstood and often maligned segment of our population.

In San Francisco, Trans Policy Plays A Role in Sheriff's Election

POLITICS | By Khaled Sayed | Oct 31
San Francisco Sheriff Ross Mirkarimi's plans to stop classifying transgender inmates who haven't had surgery according to their birth sex have raised criticism from people in his department and has become an issue as he tries to hold onto his job.

'Transparent' Makes a Showing at Southern Comfort

TELEVISION | By Brendon Lies | Oct 25
Speaking at the Southern Comfort Conference after attendees viewed the first two episodes, co-director of Transparent Zackary Drucker shared with conference members just how involved the production team was in being as inclusive as possible.

9th Circuit Case Aids Trans Latinas

INTERNATIONAL | By Heather Cassell | Oct 25
A recent decision by the 9th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals has helped one undocumented transgender woman from Mexico stay in the U.S. and attorneys hope the ruling will aid others.

11 thru 20 of 274 Stories