Watch: After Coming Out, Pro-Wrestler Mike Parrow Says Conversion Therapy Helped Him Realize He's Gay

Friday Jan 19, 2018
Mike Parrow
Mike Parrow  (Source:Instagram / @parrow49)

Florida-based professional wrestler Mike Parrow made headlines last month after opening up about his struggles with coming out, especially in the gay community. Speaking with "Good Morning Britain" this week Parrow opened up even more about his sexuality, explaining he even tried conversion therapy, which surprisingly led him to come out as gay.

In his first TV interview, Parrow said the experience, which was supposed to "cure" him of homosexuality, actually helped him feel accepting of himself, The Digital Spy reports.

"It was the first time I heard people had the same feelings that I did," he said. "Being there, I realized I am gay and that is not going to change.

"One of [the therapy's] premises is that it's a choice - it's not a choice. You're born this way," he added. "So right there, that's a flawed philosophy. I'm not a doctor and I can't prove that but I can tell you why I know [gay conversion therapy does not work]."

Elsewhere in the interview, Parrow discusses his religious upbringing and how that impacted his coming out story.

"First, I was Catholic, so I went to Catholic school my whole life," the athlete said. "My mom was very Catholic, and there was never any talk or anything about being gay. It was just never brought up.

"In my hometown, we didn't really have anybody that was gay. And everything that I saw on TV was nowhere close to who I was." Parrow went on to say. "So I did not want to be gay because everything that was represented was nowhere close to being me. So I kind of withheld that and I buried it."

Watch his interview with "Good Morning Britain" below.

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