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Atlantis & Celebrity are Not to be Blamed

by Mikey Rox
Saturday Apr 14, 2012

What happens when you bang some dude on the balcony of your Atlantis-sponsored cruise ship for an entire town in Dominica to see?

You get locked the f*ck up, that's what.

I've been following this gay scandal du jour since Queerty (you know, the open-minded and objective blog that's "Free of an Agenda. Except that Gay One.") since buried details about the encounter surfaced on the website the day it happened. Instead of conveying the facts as they were presented by what Queerty called the bigot-indulging Dominca News Online, the GayCities-owned Internet destination chose to spin the story to make it seem like it was ("gasp" - in Queerty's flippant terms) everyone else's problem except the two men who were arrested for bumping uglies on the boat.

Since then it seems that everybody has an opinion on the matter, especially those in our community who look for any opportunity to cry homophobia.

There was even a boycott established against Atlantis Events and its head honcho Rich Campbell threatening to ruin the largest producer of gay and lesbian cruises and resort vacations if it doesn't remove Dominca from its ports of call.

This isn't the plot of a bad gay movie, folks. This saga unfolded in piecemeal throughout the homo Internet, and some of the comments from the fornicators' supporters are, in a word, appalling.

Dominica's tolerance of homosexuality aside for a moment, in what country is it acceptable for two people - gay or straight - to screw like donkeys in heat in full view of townsfolk, including children?

Let's deal with that issue first, shall we?

If the ship had ported anywhere else in the world and two people were seen having sex on a balcony, they would be subject to arrest. Period.

I'm also confused about why "activists" are demanding that Atlantis remove Dominca from its itineraries because of this scandal. Yes, it's a crime to engage in homosexual activities in Dominica, but if this were an issue for any of the travelers, isn't it reasonable to expect that they would research the locations to which they're traveling?

Like so many people, one of my favorite pastimes is jetsetting. But I won't go to Jamaica or Iran or Russia for a reason - because there's a fairly decent chance that if I suggestively look at or touch my husband in public, I will face dire consequences in the form of handcuffs from authorities or a bloody beatdown from a random bystander. No, thank you. Furthermore, if I did choose to visit one of these places and I got thrown in the clink for clinking my hubby in public, do I really have any right to complain about the "injustice"?

I'm not saying that homophobia is acceptable anywhere - and I hope that Dominica will work toward becoming a more tolerant and accepting Caribbean nation - but let's not be so naïve to think that homophobia doesn't exist. It sure as hell exists here, in the country we call home, and it exists everywhere else on earth.

Perhaps I'm stirring the pot even more, but I hardly see this event as homophobic, by the way. It's really a cut and dry case of two randy shipmates who wanted to experience the thrill of diddling each other on deck.

And there are pictures to prove it. Wait. What's that?

Oh, yes. After a week of playing the role of oppressed, humiliated, innocent vacationers (quote from arrestee Dennis Mayer: "They paraded us around like we were some kind of oddity") treated unjustly by a vile and insensitive government, photos surfaced that show the couple on a balcony f*cking in full view of anyone with eyes or a camera phone. Of course, I don't know if they were actually fucking - he said, he said, y'all - but if they weren't, one of them was playing a very naked game of Hide the Penis while the other backed up into it.

Sounds like you need a vacation, mister. How 'bout a cruise?

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  • , 2012-04-12 16:47:51

    Mikey... many of your points are well taken. Although I’m not entirely convinced that a straight couple boinking on their balcony would have been treated quite the same way. I think one of the unspoken aspects of this case is the way that Atlantis (and some of its key staff - names to be unmentioned!) has had a polarized some parts of the gay male community. Some guys swear by Atlantis, others guys, well, not so much. Certainly Atlantis should be hardy enough to weather such a debate. And the core debate - whether LGBT folk should travel to spots that clearly don’t want our type to be around - is still a valid, important one.

  • , 2012-04-14 11:46:14

    Well written and truthfully said. Some cases are not color coated, because some are black and white. To sex or not to sex; so stop telling me you dont know sexing in public is immoral when you know its immoral and you

  • , 2012-04-14 11:59:10

    It’s all about bias.. Everyone know having sex in public but why would one group of people be treat differently. I would avoid visiting such country.

  • puck, 2012-04-14 14:41:25

    I agree with this article. Maybe heterosexual couples wouldn’t get in trouble, but you shouldn’t be having sex in public. It’s hard to tell people keep their nose out of your bedroom when you put it out there for them to see.

  • , 2012-04-15 15:37:39

    Completely agree with Puck.

  • , 2012-04-18 09:03:43

    I agree the cruise line and tour operator are not responsible for bad behavior. In the more general sense if you go to a country that is known to be homophobic you can always just stay on the ship and give your money to the next welcoming port of call. The gay dollar can be a powerful tool. Why give to a country or company that does not see us as equals.

  • , 2012-04-18 23:35:41

    I don’t get some of these comments...these two men where having sex in public! If the country is homophobic or not, public spectacles of sex are just not cool. We are not living in 137 BC. The power of the gay dollar can buy these folks a good lawyer.

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