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Lesbian Sex Scandal Dogs Florida’s Ultra-Right Fla. Lieutenant Governor

by Jason St. Amand
National News Editor
Friday Jul 13, 2012

An aide who was fired from Florida Lt. Gov. Jennifer Carroll's team claims that she caught the politician having sex with a female employee, the Miami Herald reported.

Carletha Cole, who was an aide to Carroll before she was let go, played a recording of a conversation with Carroll's chief of staff with a reporter for the Jacksonville newspaper, the Florida Times-Union. The Herald article notes "Cole is being charged with disclosing that recorded conversation."

Cole's motion claims that Carroll's office was dysfunctional and aides would often record conversations. The motion alleges that Cole accidentally walked in on Carroll having a sexual encounter with a female employee.

"When she entered the office, she found the Lieutenant Governor and her Travel Aide, Beatriz Ramos, in what can only be described as a compromising position," according to a motion filed by Cole's lawyer. Carroll denied the allegation and told the Associated Press that it was "totally false and absurd."

Cole, 49, took a lie detector test last year about the accusation and answered "Yes" to questions about the incident. The polygraph examiner for the Florida Department of Law Enforcement said he believed her even though, he said, "Ms. Cole's charts were somewhat difficult to read."

"Her charts, in my opinion, are indicative of a non-deceptive examinee (truthful)," Robinson wrote. "Ms. Cole passed her polygraph."

Cole also insists that Ramos "jealously hoarded the Lieutenant Governor's attention in a manner which can only be described as bizarre" and that Cole was asked to book adjoining rooms when Ramos traveled with the politician.

According to the motion, Carroll, 52, even tried to cover up an arson investigation at the Capitol that could have been linked to Ramos. Carroll personally talked with the Florida Department of Law Enforcement investigator who was looking into a fire in Cole's trashcan. Ramos told the investigator that she threw away a cigar that may have been lit and the case was closed.

The next day Carroll wrote a letter of recommendation for the investigator so he could work in the Division of Alcoholic Beverages and Tobacco.

According to Reuters, Cole has been campaigning against Carroll for months. She says Carroll stands guilty of "nepotism and misuse of office for sexual escapade."

"A juror could reasonably conclude that the Florida Department of Law Enforcement's investigation into the Defendant was tainted by the Lieutenant Governor's Office in an effort to ensure the Defendant's arrest, prosecution, and ultimate assassination of her character in order to shield the Lieutenant Governor and her staff from legitimate inquiry into their own misdeeds," Stephen Webster, Cole's attorney, argued in the motion.

In a similar incident, Charlie Crist, the former governor of Florida, who has long been dogged by rumors he is gay, was caught up in an alleged gay affair. A local Florida news station got hold of documents (relating to another investigation) that accused Crist of paying two men to hide the gay affairs.

"Charlie Crist is a homosexual and had homosexual relationships with at least two men who were paid to leave the state to avoid embarrassing then Governor Crist," the document says. "Gov. Crist had drunken escapades and his security detail had to cover for him."


  • Oh Jed said:, 2012-07-14 15:58:21

    Oops, can you say crash and burn? I believe the bell just tolled on Ms. Carroll’s career. Conservative is as conservative does.

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