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U of Nebraska Gossip Site Breaks Student Porn Scandal

Sunday Aug 10, 2008

The Scarlet Project, a website dedicated to "news, scandal and gossip at the University of Nebraska - Lincoln" broke the story on August 9 about two star members of the school wrestling team who have been caught moonlighting on a gay porn site.

Subsequently the story was picked up by the local Omaha television stations and the Associated Press.

In their report, the Scarlet Project, says they learned of the story and obtained photos (shown, though modified) of the two students from an anonymous source. One of them, Paul Donahoe, is a 125-pound national champion wrestler; his teammate, 133-pound Kenny Jordan, is a two-time state wrestling champion in the state of Illinois and also a national junior college 133-pound wrestling champion.

The two men posed for the gay adult site called

On Saturday head wrestling coach Mark Manning released the following statement:

"We are aware of the matter and it is being reviewed internally. We will have no further comment until all of the facts of the situation are known."

Click here to read the Scarlet Project report and to see the modified photos.


  • , 2008-08-12 01:03:41

    A little more of this would be good. Dear Nebraska - there are gay people all around you. And don’t complain about the porn, for I can guess you like it also, just hetero. What’s the difference.

  • , 2008-08-14 00:24:48

    They are 18 or older. No one was harmed. The NCAA is overly controlling and do not compensate athletes for they $$(Esp. football & basketball - it is all about free labor and $ for the NCAA). Too bad for the student-athletes. They did nothing illegal nor were they representing the school. This truly is a generational issue that anyone under 30 just looks at and is bewildered at the fuss.

  • , 2009-06-01 21:58:52

    hay thats hot. you should send me some i’m gay. send me things

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