Goodbye, Herring? Biotech Bait Gives Lobstermen Alternative

PERSONAL TECH | By Patrick Whittle | Aug 29
With about $1 million in funding from the National Science Foundation, a small company has developed "OrganoBait," a hockey puck-shaped product packed with an artificial attractant crabs and lobsters love.

NASA Nears the End of Its Splashdown Tests for Mars Craft

SCIENCE | By Ben Finley | Aug 29
NASA on Thursday conducted the second to last splashdown test for its Orion spacecraft as the agency prepares to eventually send humans to Mars.

Study Finds Most Teens Vaping Fruity Flavors, Not Nicotine

PERSONAL TECH | By Mike Stobbe | Aug 29
New research suggests that most teens aren't vaping nicotine at all, but using sweet and fruity flavors like strawberry, chocolate cake and bubble gum.

Amazon Starts Car Research and Review Site

PERSONAL TECH | By Mae Anderson | Aug 29
Amazon is starting a site offering research, reviews and other information on new and used cars.

Jones Website Hack Reveals Stars' Tricky Cyber Landscape

PERSONAL TECH | By Sandy Cohen | Aug 28
The hateful hack of comedian Leslie Jones' personal website reveals the tricky cyber landscape celebrities tread and the murky legal protections that exist for personal digital content.