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Chance Theater's 'Tribes' :: Finding Family

By Tony Reverditto | Saturday Sep 23, 2017
"Tribes" is the story of a young deaf man finding bonds other than those of his hearing family. The Rage Monthly caught up with Chance Theater's Managing Director Casey Long to chat about the play.

Five Great Gadgets to Make Your House a Happy Home

By Brad Hart | Saturday Sep 23, 2017
When you're house hunting, location is key. But once you've settled in it's all about the nesting urge -- here are some practical decor suggestions.

Newport Beach Wine & Food Festival :: Four and Fabulous!

By Tony Reverditto | Friday Sep 22, 2017
The Newport Beach Wine & Food Festival (NBWFF) is the most exclusive, intimate, and world-class epicurean lifestyle event in Southern California.

Home Is Where the Hard Is

By Greg Cason, Ph.D. | Saturday Sep 16, 2017
Perhaps it goes without saying that you are going to be happiest in a house that fits you. The concept is literally called "Person-Environment-Fit." If the fit is good, you will thrive and stay there for a long time.

'Homos, or Everyone in America'

By Lisa Lipsey | Sunday Sep 10, 2017
Diversionary Theatre's Executive Artistic Director Matt M. Morrow is at it again, calling attention to theatre's newest voices - and to a play called "Homos, or Everyone in America."

Impulse :: Our Sex, Our Cities, Our Lives

By Jose Ramos | Sunday Sep 10, 2017
We are committed to continuously searching out new and innovative ways to bring the message of empowerment to all.

Luke Macfarlane :: 'Big Night'

By Lisa Lipsey | Saturday Sep 9, 2017
The Center Theatre Group is taking on the world premiere of playwright Paul Rudnick's "Big Night." Star Luke MacFarlane shares his thoughts.

Moses Serrano :: 'Forbidden: Undocumented and Queer in Rural America'

By Joel Martens | Saturday Sep 9, 2017
As members of the LGBTQ community, we have a deep understanding of what it is to struggle against being different and having to fight against that isolation and its oppressive nature.

Lambda Archives 30th Anniversary :: Preserving and Celebrating LGBT History

By Walter Meyer | Saturday Sep 9, 2017
This September, Lambda Archives proudly celebrates 30 years of preserving San Diego's LGBTQ community history.

Kirstin :: Pentatonix, Going Solo

By Joel Martens | Sunday Sep 3, 2017
Pentatonix's Kirstin Moldonado stands out because of her intelligent musicianship and superb vocal prowess. Decidedly adult, absolutely alluring, her recent solo venture is filled with both emotional and musical maturity.

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