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How To Be Gay In The 21st Century

by Paul Landerman
EDGE Media Network Contributor
Wednesday Dec 7, 2011
How To Be Gay In The 21st Century

David Leddick's delightful new little book is not a novel or a discourse, it is really a list of rules, a guide to the fine-tuning that each of us needs, deserves, and receives from a best friend who is always willing to tell us when our lipstick is on wrong or there is spinach in our teeth. You know- that kind of friend, the one who will help you bury the body and will never testify against you, but the one you had better never forget at the holidays because "you know". And these are pretty damn good rules, too, most had me laughing out loud, and then going to check out my wardrobe and looking at my manicure and wondering when I last polished my shoes. Like most men, I always want to look my best, and that does not always demand looking fey or butch, but it does demand that we put some thought and energy into it, if David Leddick is correct, and I am willing to wager brunch at the Beverly Wilshire that he is. Moreover, it is not just about looks: it is about attitude, toward our self, toward the world, toward our place in it and toward our relationships. There might be better books about gay etiquette, but none is more on target than "How to be Gay in the 21st Century".

"How to be Gay in the 21st Century"
David Leddick
White Lake Press

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