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Review: 'Thirteen Ghosts' Will Tickle Your Skeleton's Funny Bone

by Ken Tasho
EDGE Media Network Contributor
Thursday Aug 13, 2020
Review: 'Thirteen Ghosts' Will Tickle Your Skeleton's Funny Bone

How I miss the days of over-the-top William Castle horror movie remakes and films starring Matthew Lillard. My prayers have been answered with the release of Shout Factory's "Thirteen Ghosts" Blu-ray, a forgotten 2001 remake long before re-imaginings became the norm.

It's all fun and mirrors (literally) in "Thirteen Ghosts," a remake that sticks slightly close to the original 1960 shocker. But a lot of updates get included too, especially with regard to special effects.

A family (headed up by actor Tony Shalhoub) comes into an unexpected inheritance that includes a state-of-the-art house replete with hallways of mirrors, spinning floors, and twelve ghosts to boot. Part of the shtick of "Thirteen Ghosts" becomes trying to figure out... well, who the thirteenth ghost is.

Enter Matthew Lillard, who plays a determined ghost hunter ready to rid the spooky apparitions once and for all. Of course, each tormented soul has a backstory in "Thirteen Ghosts," and each one looks like an actor with lots of ghastly makeup on.

In the end, the film gets mired down in too many special effects sequences and not enough character development. But who needs the latter in a horror movie!

"Thirteen Ghosts" will tickle your funny bone and not make you think too much.

There are also five new interview segments, part of Shout Factory's special features department. Two ghosts, two actors, and the producer sit down for separate chats. "Thirteen Ghosts Revealed" was filmed back in 2001 to promote the film and interviews Tony Shalhoub, among others.

"Thirteen Ghosts"

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