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Belgian Man Gets Scratched By Cat, Loses Ability to Get Erection

Thursday Sep 14, 2017

A 23-year-old Belgian man has lost the ability to get an erection after contracting a disease from being scratched by a cat, according to a report from the U.K. tabloid The Sun.

The unidentified mat is now suffering from erectile dysfunction due to an invasive cat scratch diseases, a report from the BMJ Case Reports claims. The repot says, according to The Sun, the erectile dysfunction is caused by bacteria called Bartonella henselae found in the mouth or claws of cats. Those who contract the disease suffer fevers, pustules with complications from the illness, which could even be fatal.

The man reportedly told doctors he suffered the typical symptoms, including pain in his testicles. He eventually told health professionals a cat scratched him at his home.

Doctors treated the man with a three week course of antibiotics.

"The symptoms quickly vanished and he fully regained his erectile function," doctors wrote in the report, according to The Sun. "In this case the patient was unable to provoke erection despite his will even during periods of calm symptoms."


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