Don't Worry, Harry Styles Did Not Spit On Chris Pine Says Rep

by Emell Adolphus

EDGE Media Network Contributor

Tuesday September 6, 2022

Chris Pine in "Don't Worry Darling"
Chris Pine in "Don't Worry Darling"  

Don't worry darlings, Harry Styles did not spit on his "Don't Worry Darling" co-star Chris Pine at the Venice Film Festival, at least according to his reps.

As previously reported by anyone who understands action and reaction, a video is circulating that allegedly shows Styles slyly spit on Pine. In fact, Styles' acting during the alleged incident was so good that now he might be in the running for an Oscar. We kid, but seriously.

"Don't Worry Darling" is about a woman who unravels under what seems to be the perfect existence. The film stars Florence Pugh as the woman unraveling, Harry Styles as her husband who can't keep her together, Olivia Wilde as the neighborhood maven called "Bunny," and Chris Pine as the leader who gaslights everyone.

In the spirit of the film, Styles' rep has decided to gaslight us all. After the video began making rounds and starting lots of conversation, his rep told Variety in a statement that not only did he not spit on Pine but also it's a "complete fabrication."

The video is "the result of an odd online illusion that is clearly deceiving and allows for foolish speculation." To put a cherry on top, the rep also told Variety: "Just to be clear, Harry Styles did not spit on Chris Pine. There is nothing but respect between these two men and any suggestion otherwise is a blatant attempt to create drama that simply does not exist."

One has to wonder what Pine's rep has to say about this. Better yet, what does Pine's suit have to say?

This is far from the only drama that has followed the film, which is supposed to be Wilde's big debut as a director. Wilde was served custody papers during her presentation of "Don't Worry Darling" at CinemaCon. Then rumors began swirling that she was more focused on giving Styles a "Watermelon Sugar" high than piecing together a decent film.

Then last month Wilde claimed to have fired Shia LaBeouf to protect Pugh. Only to have LaBeouf rebuke this claim with video evidence of Wilde begging LaBeouf to stay on the project, revealing a rift between the two stars and now with Wilde.

This is a lot for one film! But not to worry darlings, attention spans ain't what they used to be, and everyone will have forgotten about this drama and the film by next week.