Watch: Mama Mia! Adult Star John Kilo Indulges in Pasta-slutting

Saturday February 11, 2023
Originally published on February 6, 2023

John Kilo
John Kilo  (Source:Twitter)

How about this sequence for a cooking reality show?

Adult performer John Kilo puts a new spin on Italian cuisine with a recent tweet in which he mixes pasta with fleshlights, and he may be forever labeled a pastaslut.

"What is the most fuckable pasta?" he asks as he stands before six dishes of different pastas along with fleshlights filled with them.

"And you may ask yourself how can you fuck pasta if it's just like loose in a bowl or on a plate?"

His answer? "Well, the Fleshlight company. That's right. That Fleshlight company sells their cases to their fleshlight sleeves. And I went ahead and bought six of them for this very video."

He explains why. "We're going to be fucking six of the most popular Italian American pasta dishes here. We have spaghetti, fettuccine alfredo, cheese tortellini, ravioli, mac and cheese, and lasagna."

He then proceeds to demonstrate each fleshlight filled with each pasta (apparently wearing a condom).

"Do you hear that? Mamma mia," he says.

"How long should I do this before it gets weird on us?"

In the end, he reveals a colored rating system, but his chart with letters in various colors doesn't correspond to the names of the pastas.

On Twitter, many thought it both pretty funny and pretty weird.