Watch: Netflix Announces 'Lucifer' Season 5 Premiere Date with Sexy Trailer

Wednesday June 24, 2020

Tom Ellis in the Netflix teaser for "Lucifer."
Tom Ellis in the Netflix teaser for "Lucifer."  (Source:YouTube Still via Netflix)

Netflix is announcing the premiere date and sharing its first look of "Lucifer" Season 5 with a 66.6-second trailer.

The streamer announced Monday that the TV series will return with its first part of Season 5 (eight episodes) on August 21. TVLine points out that's more than 15 months since Netflix released Season 4, adding that Season 5 got a larger season (16 episodes in total; up from its planned 10 episodes).

Netflix has yet to announce when the second half of "Lucifer" Season 5 will drop.

"In the stunning fifth season, the stakes are higher than ever," Netflix says of the show. "Secrets will be revealed, beloved characters will die, and we'll finally get an answer to the question, 'Will they or won't they?'"

Based on the DC Comics character, "Lucifer" was picked up by Netflix after Fox canceled the series, which stars Tom Ellis as the Devil who abandons Hell to live in Los Angeles and run his own nightclub and serve as a consultant to the Los Angeles Police Department.

Watch the trailer below.

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