Rehomo Ramblings: Some like it real hot!

by Troy Petenbrink

EDGE Media Network Contributor

Tuesday July 27, 2010


The dog days of summer arrived in Rehoboth this past weekend, but even the high heat couldn't stifle the fun.

A few frozen drinks

Although I arrived in Rehoboth on Thursday night, I broke with tradition and skipped karaoke at the Blue Moon. After last week's so-so showing (no offense to Mona "It's My Birthday" Lotts, who is always fabu), I decided a break would help my heart grow fonder. I did, however, hear from a source the Moon's Friday night Diva Show was outstanding and included a special appearance by DC's one and only Billie "I put the Queen in Drag" Ross.

So after staying in on Thursday evening and catching up on a few missed episodes of "Beautiful People" (I love British humor) via, I was ready to hit the town on Friday. A couple of my roomies and I headed to Aqua for the perfect cure for the day's high temps: frozen drinks. The bar was offering mango daiquiris and margaritas for just a five-spot. Absent the occasional brain freeze, they hit the spot. And I'm officially casting my vote now in support of this becoming a regular weekend promotion.

Perfect way to beat the heat

On Saturday, the heat index topped 100 and I was actually missing last weekend's 90 degree days. Fortunately, the boys of Philadelphia Street were once again hosting an impromptu pool party. With a big bottle of sweet tea vodka and some lemonade in tow-ah, strictly for therapeutic purposes-my partner and I dropped by for a splash and some fun in the sun; which, by the way, was made even more enjoyable with the appearance of DC hottie "Pickles" (of course the $1 million question: dill or bread and butter flavored?)

From the pool, it was off to 5 Prospect where Mark "Mr. Mom 1" Bromley and David "Mr. Mom 2" Salie were hosting a wine tasting event as part of the CAMP Rehoboth Beach House Challenge. Chuck "Grab a Glass" Waldmann, the senior European wine buyer for Total Wine and More, walked us through a tasting of summer-friendly wines. According to Mark, the event raised approximately $1,300. Congrats!

Jackie and Cassandra: the perfect hosts

Post-vino, it was a step back in time with Cassandra "Gorgeous and an Author to Boot" Toroian and Jackie "I can Channel Madonna and Look Better" Blue's totally rad 80's Party. These girls really did just wanna have fun-and that they did. Maybe it was the Daryl Hannah-esque mermaid swimming around in the pool or the Michael Jackson impersonator or the awesome buffet and drinks or the fact Cassandra and Jackie were really great hostesses; but whatever the reason, there is no question these ladies have raised the bar for summer parties (please, put me on the list for next year).

Come Sunday, I was a little surprised I actually had any energy left after the previous day's adventures, but after making my partner breakfast in bed (I know how to win points), I was wide awake and ready to conquer the world-or at least a short bike ride. With slightly lower temps and less humidity in the air, a couple of my housemates and I peddled to Poodle Beach to check out, ah, the native wildlife. Unfortunately, we found the beach rather empty but did have a sighting of a rare species of thong-a-wrong domesticus.

This entire jam-packed weekend was accomplished well before Sunday's afternoon rain storm hit. Maybe it was nature's way of telling me not to overdue it since there are still several weeks of frivolity left.

Troy Petenbrink resides in Washington, DC and is a member of the North American Travel Journalists Association. You can follow him on Twitter: