Getting Cannabis Concentrates Right With Roots Los Angeles

by Kelsy Chauvin

EDGE Media Network Contributor

Friday July 23, 2021

In the early days, there was only green, leafy bud. But today's smoking-hot cannabis market is flush with choices for how to consume marijuana, and it's getting increasingly complex for dispensaries to properly care for such a wide variety of products — from flower and pre-rolls to edibles, topicals, and the booming category of concentrates.

For Roots Los Angeles in Sun Valley, Los Angeles, it's all about attention to detail. Roots has zeroed in on innovative storage strategies to ensure that only the highest quality merchandise is dispensed for recreational and medical use.

Far more than other products, concentrates are growing fast. So this summer, Roots renovated its spacious brick-and-mortar store on Sherman Way to expand its robust concentrates section.

Built out with new refrigerators and displays, the newly improved section keeps cannabis wax, diamonds, rosin, shatter, crumble, distillate, and other products at optimal temperature levels.

Better still, Roots' expert team helps educate customers curious to learn more about the wide variety of concentrates, including suggested dosages, forms, accessories, and brands.

"We're not a marijuana company. What we sell are expertise, experience, and great customer service," says a Roots representative.

"We understand concentrates better than most dispensaries," says Roots. "Like a lot of cannabis stores, we started with flower. But we have such a knowledgeable team, we've expanded our concentrates selection and know how to take care of our products. Now we have the best concentrates section in L.A. It's truly on another level."

Roots Los Angeles carries thousands of well-priced cannabis products, including THC- or CBD-dominant lines; Indica, Sativa, and hybrids; and big-name and smaller brands, such as Kings Garden, 710 Labs, Cresco Labs, Raw Garden, Rove, and grows its own Roots Premium Cannabis.

Roots also has a special partnership with STIIIZY to sell new premium flower as soon as it drops, giving Sun Valley shoppers exclusive access.

Roots Los Angeles stands out in the Valley for its inviting exterior, ample parking, design-forward interior, and intuitive display cases organized from left to right with accessories, cartridges, CBD-only products, flower, and the newly revamped concentrates zone, which includes vast selections of edibles, drinks, smokables, and more.

A New Look and Premier Access

As of mid-July, Roots offers cannabis delivery within a 10-mile radius (free with a $100 minimum order). The delivery service will maintain the company's consistent quality control for all products, including vehicle storage that keeps products upright in temperature-controlled containers.

Customers also can pre-order online for pickup in the store, and first-time customers can enjoy a 20% discount on their first order or 15% off for purchases during "early bird" hours (6-10 a.m. daily) or "happy hour" (2-6 p.m. daily). The deals apply to medical cannabis purchases as well, and Sahakian adds that Roots will soon expand its prescription-specific product line.

Whether new to cannabis or experienced, visitors can learn more from Roots' seasoned budtenders and see and smell products up close before purchasing. To back up its quality guarantee, the store offers 30-day exchanges or refunds on its products.

While the Sun Valley location continues to expand and evolve, Roots will, too. Its next move will be to open more dispensaries across Los Angeles, then around California, then nationally as more states legalize medical and recreational marijuana.

The company is also keeping ahead of new products, trends, and favorite brands as they roll out more cannabis concentrates and other products.

"Consumers love to try new things. They love to experience them," says Roots. "And cannabis choices are ever-changing, which makes it an interesting, fast-paced market. We want to help our customers learn about the best cannabis products and make sure we're selling them with the most consistent quality."

Kelsy Chauvin is a writer, photographer and marketing consultant based in Brooklyn, New York. She specializes in travel, feature journalism, art, theater, architecture, construction and LGBTQ interests. Follow her on Instagram and Twitter at @kelsycc.